ISO 14918:2018

Thermal spraying – Qualification testing of thermal sprayers

ISO 14918:2018 considers the principles of qualification testing of sprayer performance for thermal spraying. The quality of work involved in thermal spraying depends on the skill, operation of the spray equipment and experience of the thermal sprayer. Therefore, the ability of the thermal sprayer to follow instructions and the testing of his/her skill and operation of the spray equipment are important factors in ensuring the quality of the thermally sprayed product.

The standard is intended to provide the basis for mutual recognition by examining bodies for qualification relating to the thermal sprayer’s competence in the various fields of application. Tests can be carried out in accordance with the standard, unless more severe tests are specified by the relevant application standards in which case these can be applied.

The thermal sprayer’s skill and job knowledge continues to be classified as qualified as long as the thermal sprayer works with reasonable continuity on thermal spraying work within the extent of qualification.