Joining TSSEA

Ordinary Membership of the Association will be one of the following categories.

Membership Type Description Annual Subscription
Rate VAT    @20% Total
Contractor A Contractor for Thermal Spraying, or a firm engaged in substantial amounts of thermal spraying of its own products £575.00 £115.00 £690.00
Supplier A firm which supplies equipment, materials or services to the Thermal Spraying Industry £735.00 £147.00 £882.00
Associate/Overseas/User Trade Associations, Institutions and other bodies not themselves eligible in any other category may be admitted at the discretion of the Committee of Management £480.00 £96.00 £576.00
University/Consultant £245.00 £49.00 £294.00
Personal Individuals who have academic or practical interests in thermal spraying and not themselves eligible for membership in any other category £100.00 £20.00 £120.00

Personal Membership is only open to applicants not associated with any of the other categories listed above.

Where prospective member falls within more than one category, the Committee of Management shall determine the appropriate category.

Payment of the first year’s subscription must be sent with the application. Membership will not commence until acceptance of the application by the Committee of Management and payment of the membership fee.

Members wishing to discontinue their membership for any reason must give six months notice in writing. Failing this, six months subscription will be payable.

The decision of the Committee of Management will be final in all matters regarding membership.