Committee of Management

The association is governed by the Committee of Management which is accountable to the members of the TSSEA at the annual conference. The normal period of membership of the committee is two years, after which members usually retire by rotation. Retiring members may be re-elected for a further term or new members may be proposed by members and voted on the committee at the annual conference. 

The chairman and vice chairman of the committee serve for a period of one year and are voted into office at the annual conference. Nominations for these offices are submitted by the membership together with referees.

A secretary is appointed  and is responsible for the keeping of records, organising day to day events and advising the committee on financial matters and activities.

Meet the Committee

Mick Bignell (Chairman)
Steve Bomford (Director)
Prof Tanvir Hussain
James Newton
Colin Arrow
Dr Melisa Riley
Mike Round
Dr Andrew Cole (Secretary)