TSSEA Publications

TSSEA publishes “Coatings” regularly. “Coatings” contains articles and technical papers on various aspects of surface engineering and coatings technology and is available to all members.

In addition TSSEA makes back-copies and future copies of “Coatings” together with technical presentations available through this web site.

Recent “Coatings” titles include:

 Masking Efficiency: Secondary Masking
 3D Laser Cladding
 Metallisation Provides Turnkey HVOF Project
 Protecting Pipelines from Corrosion Under Insulation
 Corrosion Protection Under Insulation
 Metallisation Launches Online Shop
 Surface Coating Technologies Cuts Time, Saves Money
 F151-15 Metallisation Launches New HVOF System
 Takeoff with Advanced Coatings
 Metallisation Equipment Protecting Ships and Trawlers from Corrosion
 Surfaces for Longer Life and Higher Energy Efficiency